Raw canvas, Acrylic, Black ink. You'll see this particular type of canvas on a few pieces. Interesting story, middle of Death Valley and someone's tent (canvas) blew apart in the night. He left and was gone for a few days so I went out with a knife and got fresh canvas. Well, he came back..."I was gonna repair that...". He got a painting out of the deal.
"oooh sorry bro."

I found one of those old battery operated cymbal monkeys at a thrift store, well part of it. and I wanted to make something from it but never did, and one night I was looking at it and thought how much more creepy it was than I initially thought. I thought of it being the leader of a band marching down the street and I just kinda started out like that. How it ended up as war no clue. Oddly enough it ended up in an exhibit at a gallery in Joshua Tree one month. The theme of the exhibit was based on how women are evil, apparently based on something the President said.

Regardless she thought it would fit in because the cymbals looked like tits...pheww I dunno, not my intention but when I look closer the gun on the tank is kinda phallic and he's holding two tits in his hand. Again not my intention at least consciously.